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European Spa

Artist: Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Genre: Nature, New Age

Label: Solitudes

UPC: 96741053825

Catalog ID: 27414

In the foothills of the Alps, as the morning mist emerges, the world is bathed in purity and freshness. The cool air rejuvenates and wakes the spirit as the body shakes off the night’s loosening grip. Sunlight filtered through stately trees dapples gold upon the hills and the calls of passing birds welcome the dawning of a new day. Built into this natural haven, beyond a sweetly flowing stream is a spa where the only obligation is to surrender and delight in a day of indulgence and relaxation. Gently wafting throughout the halls of this sanctuary are soothing, ambient tunes that, blended with the uplifting sounds of nature, enhance the experience, and offer tranquility, comfort, and pure bliss.

Finding the time to indulge in a tranquil moment has never been more desired or harder to obtain. Leisurely aspirations may seem well out of reach, but with just a little bit of well-deserved time put aside, relaxation and renewal can indeed be close at hand. So, draw a warm bath, light some candles, and simply press play – your stay at a luxurious international spa is about to begin.
With this series, Solitudes invites you to embark on a musical journey to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world where, among breathtaking vistas and picturesque landscapes, the ultimate relaxing sojourn awaits.

Track Listing

Crystal Mist


The Soothing Source




Blissful Stillness


Awakening Senses




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