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Breathing for Relaxation

Artist: Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Genre: New Age, Relaxation

Label: Solitudes

UPC: 96741229923

Catalog ID: 46477

Breath properly for optimal health with this deeply relaxing music and nature sound experience. Scientifically designed by Dr. Tim H. Tanaka, this program incorporates voice guides to establish ideal breathing rhythms.
Listening instructions: Breathing for Relaxation is designed to slow your respiration and help create an optimal heart rhythm. The targeted respiration rate for this program is 6 breaths per minute. With that goal, the following format has been established for each track:
• 5 minutes of breathing cues
• 5 minutes of sound cues
• 5 minutes without any cues to let you fall into your own steady rhythm, paced at a breath every 10 seconds
Before you start:
• Get comfortable in your favorite chair or in bed.
• Use headphones, if possible, to most clearly hear the breathing cues.
• Breathe in through the nose and out through pursed lips,
• Relax as you do this exercise. Avoid rigorous, deep breathing, which tends to cause hyperventilation.
• If you feel dizzy, light-headed, numb, or a tingling sensation anywhere in your body, discontinue this exercise immediately.

Track Listing

Eastern Sunrise


Rhythms in Balance


The Breath Mantra


Pure Energy


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