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Atlantic Suite

Artist: Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Genre: Nature, New Age

Label: Solitudes

UPC: 96741410529

Catalog ID: 10136

The surf sweeps across the sand and caresses your feet. You listen as it gently withdraws back to the sea. The shorebirds playing beside you chase their own reflections in the glistening wet sand, and sometimes catch them. You breathe the fresh and salty air and gaze longingly out to sea. Time stands still for that precious moment… The Atlantic Suite can make all these sounds possible by easing you into the recreated maritime world. Just let the mix of nature sounds and music take you there. From the serene Canadian Maritimes, the musical path traces the coast of New England, where the shoreline transforms from rocky and raged into the hundreds of miles of sand that reaches to the top of Florida. In the numerous wilderness refuges en route, the wildlife sounds and thematic musical score are finely interwoven, unveiling the peaceful moods that prevail throughout this coastal region.
This continuous play album combines music and nature sounds for half of the program time, while the balance of the piece allows nature’s symphony to stand alone in all its glory. We have also chosen several cue points that will enable you to conveniently access any preferred section.

Track Listing

After the Storm


The Gannets


Offshore Breeze


New England Trail


Dunes of the Cape


Southern Islands


Gentle Shores


Hanging Mist


Mockingbird Farewell


To Lands Unknown


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