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Algonquin Suite

Artist: Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Genre: Nature, New Age

Label: Solitudes

UPC: 96741410628

Catalog ID: 10068

Imagine yourself in a canoe, paddling leisurely along the shoreline of a lake, drifting silently into one of its bays. As you float, you listen and dream away. Or imagine yourself in the forest, attending a symphony of songbirds as you follow the path of a gentle stream down to the marsh. The Algonquin Suite guides you into these wilderness scenes by blending the sounds of nature with a thematic musical score. We hope that as you listen to the cries of the Loon and the howls of the Timber Wolf, you can share in celebrating Algonquin Park’s Centennial anniversary. Algonquin Park has survived an exploited past and now actively pursues educational and recreational programs that benefit us all. Journey into these uniquely beautiful soundscapes, and let your mind return you once again to the wilderness of Algonquin.

Track Listing

First Light


At the Campsite


Paddle and Portage


Standing Tall


Easy Stream




Forest Song


Eyes of the Night


Reunion of Wolves


The Campfire


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